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Sussex Aerial Photography

Established in 2020 we have been providing high quality aerial imagery for clients across the south of England with fantastic results and feedback. 

With a creative eye, attention to detail and experience in the safe and legal operation of aerial photography, we are a trusted choice. 


As a certified member of the Drone Safe Register, we can be relied upon to provide professional, CCA certified, fully insured and qualified crews with the latest equipment.  We carefully plan every operation with a suite of flight safety collateral provided as standard to evidence our professionality, and to give you the comfort of legal operation. 

Get in touch today to discuss your latest project. 

Managing Director, Sussex Aerial Photography


The Answers You Need

Why should we choose you?

The aerial photography industry is, unfortunately, flooded with hobbyist who are quite happy to take your money and deliver a sub-standard, and likely illegal end product. This can leave you with a need to have the work redone or worse, open to scrutiny from the authorities. We, on the other hand, are an experience professional company who have been providing aerial photography services for years, with fantastic results and feedback. We are certified with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), fully insured with £1,000,000 public liability cover and always provide a high quality and,importantly, legal end product. 

How much does it cost?

We appreciate this is an important question, but it all depends on what's required. Try to think of it more as arranging a small flight, rather than just someone with a camera. There's lots of planning and administration required to ensure a successful and above all safe operation, and that's before you even get to the professional attending site to undertake the photography itself. We always aim to work to peoples budgets but for any project you're unlikely to get professional aerial photography for less than £150. If people are quoting less, beware (see above).

What's the process to hire you?

Firstly, get in touch and try and give as much detail as you can about the project. The more detail you can give the less likely we are to reply asking you questions! Once we have clarified the detail, we will issue you a formal quotation for your review and consideration. We itemise all the work involved in the operation to illustrate to you what you are paying for - its a lot more than just a 15 minute fly of a toy! If you're happy to proceed, you accept the quote and we will then agree a date. This can be weather dependant (see below) but we will work with you to any specific dates as best we can.  

Is the weather an issue?

In short yes, yes it is. As we are flying a small unmanned aircraft, it is essential the weather is right otherwise we simply cannot fly safely. This usually means winds <25mph and no rain. We use professional metrological software to help us plan and agree an appropriate flight date. Like all weather forecasts. it can never be 100% accurate and so the flight date may need to change in some rare circumstances. We usually have a pretty clear idea 48 hours before if the weather will be safe to fly.  We will move your date free of charge. 

What about privacy concerns and wildlife?

We take the utmost care to not invade peoples privacy. Given the angle and height of the photography its not usually an issue but should it be we would address it. We always fly in accordance with the CAAs requirements. Wildlife is also not a problem due to the distances we fly at. We would never disturb or endanger wildlife and always assess this as part of our planning and administration.  

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