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Sussex Aerial Photography

Established in 2020 we have been providing quality aerial imagery and videos for clients across the south of England with fantastic results and feedback. 

Specialising in roof inspections and surveys we provide high quality images and video to enable detailed assessment of roofs quickly and safely, regardless of the roof type. 


We are a certified member of the Drone Safe Register and we provide fully insured and qualified pilots with the best equipment. 


Speak to us today to see how we can help you, at a competitive cost. 


Managing Director, Sussex Aerial Photography


The Answers You Need

Is aerial photography legal?

Yes absolutely, it is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with whom we are fully registered and complaint with all regulations including being fully insured with Public Liability cover.

Where can you fly / film?

The CAA carefully regulate the safe operation of drones, with clear guidance on where and when you can and cannot fly. The are 3 main Flight Restriction Zones (FRZ) in Sussex; Chichester, Shoreham and Crawley. As an experienced and registered and experienced operator Susses Aerial Photography can gain permission from the relevant Air Traffic Control / local authorities. We also posses a range of high quality equipment, including ultra-lightweight drones, and the required competency training we have the flexibility to fly in the majority of locations, and environments subject to the appropriate circumstances.

Is there any impact on peoples privacy?

We would never invade anyone's privacy, and we ensure to operate our drones in safe and appropriate circumstances through careful pre-flight preparations and flight plans. All flights are conducted within CAA regulations. 

Can you film wildlife? 

Yes, we love to capture wildlife but will always ensure we do not disturb or endanger them. 

What if there is bad weather on the day? 

We will undertake a weather-check at 7am in the morning to determine if we can fly that day. With a range of drones that have high wind tolerances we have the capability to fly in lots of circumstances however strong winds, rain, fog, sleet or snow will generally mean no flying. 

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